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Using Surface Texture Analysis to Solve Problems

Quantify Texture

Many times a critical development or warranty issue may be related to some fundamental characteristic of the surface texture of a component. For example, clutch and brake surfaces may have similar surface texture average roughness (Sa) but may perform quite differently.

Peened Surface

Quantify Wear

Many components may prematurely wear-out in the field causing excessive warranty cost and potential safety concerns. For example,  electronic sensors and switches typically have a mechanism involving a sliding contact between two elements which may fail if either experiences excessive wear.

Worn Sensor

We provide the 3D surface roughness measurement of the surface, resulting in a number of parameters that characterize the various features of the surface such as height distributions (Sa, Sq, Ssk, Sku,...), peak heights/valley depths (Spm, Svm, Spk, Svk, ...), spatial information (λq, Δq, Slopes) and advanced analyses (PSD, Volume, Surface Area, Fractals).

We provide 3D quantitative depth measurements of the wear patterns in various components. Our surface roughness measurement services have been used to analyze field returns and to quantify the wear rates for new designs.

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