3D Surface Roughness and Wear Measurement, Analysis and Inspection

Michigan Metrology provides surface roughness measurement, analysis and training. We help resolve issues related to:

Surface roughness and texture affect everything from the efficiency of our car engines, to the traction of sports shoes, to the longevity of medical devices.

Since 1994 Michigan Metrology has been providing surface texture inspection to solve problems related to surface roughness, wear, texture, finish, flatness, and more. We’ve helped thousands of clients with advanced 3D surface roughness measurement and surface texture analysis, using state-of-the-art equipment from our valued partner Bruker and expertise in 3D surface metrology.

Michigan Metrology offers fast, reliable service, and data you can trust to solve design, quality control, and warranty issues.

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Surface texture - a bearing surface may look shiny as it wears because the peak material with short spatial wavelengths has been removed during the run-in period. Michigan Metrology

Why do some bearings look shiny with wear?

We tend to think of “new” surfaces as shiny and smooth, and “worn” surfaces as rough, dull, or uneven. But for a bearing surface, the opposite is often true: the … Read more
surface texture filtering animation - Michigan Metrology

Visualizing “filtering” — an animation

Surface texture can be described as a spectrum of spatial wavelengths. “Filtering” is the process to isolate the wavelengths that matter for our application. But what does that really look … Read more
Surface Roughness, Texture, and Tribology class and workshop, which will be held in Livonia, Michigan, May 3–5. 2023

Register for the Spring “Roughness, Texture, and Tribology” class and workshop

Registration is open for the Roughness, Texture, and Tribology class and workshop, which will be held in Livonia, Michigan, May 3–5. 2023. This live, in-person class offers a unique opportunity to learn … Read more