3D Surface Roughness and Wear Measurement, Analysis and Inspection


Michigan metrology has been gathering and sharing information on surface roughness, texture, and tribology for almost thirty years.

Surface Texture Parameters Glossary

Surface Texture Parameters Glossary

The Glossary provides information on many of the surface roughness parameters that are commonly used in industry and research, with definitions and details on how to apply the parameters in real-work applications.

Surface Roughness ANalysis Blog - Michigan Metrology

Surface Roughness Analysis Blog

The articles in this blog explore the concepts of surface texture analysis and measurement. We show how to apply these concepts to solve problems related to leaks, squeaks, appearance, wear, noise, fit, friction, vibration, adhesion, and many other functions.

Surface Texture Animations

These quick videos and animations help visualize important aspects of surface texture, roughness, friction, wear, and more.