3D Surface Roughness and Wear Measurement, Analysis and Inspection

Eliminating Squeaks

Why does a brake system that meets Average Roughness specs still make noise?

We receive questions like this every day. The drawings specify an average roughness value—yet parts that perform well and parts that perform poorly all meet the spec.

In many cases, squeaks and squeals may be related to 3D surface roughness. Using surface measurement parameters such as Amplitude Symmetry (Ssk, Spk/Sk) and Surface Slope (Sdq) may point to the cause.

Michigan Metrology specializes in surface texture measurement and analysis. We help determine the root cause of squeaks, and we help develop measurement processes to track and control the aspects of the texture that will lead to peace and quiet.

Issues we address:
Friction   Vibration   Fit   Appearance   Wear   Adhesion   Leaks   Noise