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Don Cohen, Donald Cohen, PhD surface texture class surface roughness class

Don Cohen's short course classes are an excellent means to learn the basics and intricacies of surface texture analysis.

This intensive short course will focus on the various aspects of surface texture analysis and how surface texture relates to the intended component function with presentations on the following related topics:

View an excerpt from the Short Course concerning Dry Friction.

View the Filtering Module from the Short Course.

 Intro to surface texture …why is it important?

 Instruments for surface roughness measurement (stylus, optical, AFM…)

 Filtering of surface texture measurements (2RC, Gaussian…)

 Surface texture parameters (Sa, Spk, Ssc, etc.)

 Wear (scoring, scuffing, galling, wear volume, wear depth…)

 Friction (how does surface texture relate to friction?)

  Sealing (gaskets, O-rings, lip seals, piston rings…)

 Surface energy/surface texture

  Correlation between non-contact and contacting systems

  Data analysis (T-Test, F-Test, principle components, regression…)

 Specifying surface texture (symbology)

 Summary - ”Surface Metrology Strategy” (project approach).

A complete B & W copy and CD with PowerPoint of all presentation material will be provided to the attendees. Depending on the time and interest, certain presentation modules may be eliminated or substituted.

Email us to register for the Sept 26-27 class, or call 866-953-5030.

About the Instructor

In 1994, Dr. Cohen established Michigan Metrology to help engineers and scientists solve problems related to “Squeaks, leaks, friction, wear, appearance, adhesion and other issues”, using 3D Surface MicroTexture Measurement and Analysis.

Dr. Cohen is a past Chairman of the STLE-Detroit section and has been active with the ASME B46.1 committee on surface texture since 1988, having served as Chair from 2005-2011. Dr. Cohen is also a Subject Matter Expert for the ISO surface metrology activities.

Dr. Cohen has an undergraduate degree in Physics from the University of Michigan, Dearborn, and graduate degrees in Physics and Optical Sciences from the University of Arizona. Early in his career, Dr. Cohen worked with IBM on optical disk drive development. He later joined WYKO Corporation as Product Manger and later became Vice President, leading the development of 3D surface texture metrology instrumentation.

Dr. Cohen has developed this class over the past 20 years having presented the material at numerous client locations as part of his training and consulting activities. Typically once a year the class is offered to a general audience in the Livonia, MI area.

Email us to register for the Sept 26-27 class, or call 866-953-5030.

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