3D Surface Roughness and Wear Measurement, Analysis and Inspection

Peak Density Along X,Y

Stylus (X,Y) Pc

Stylus (X,Y) Pc the Peak Density Along (X,Y), measures the number of peaks per unit length in the X and Y directions respectively. A peak is defined as when the profile intersects consecutively a lower and upper boundary level set at a height above and depth below the mean line, equal to Ra, for the profile being analyzed.

The contour plot (A) shows a line through the center over which the profile (B) is selected to determine Pc.


Stylus X Pc and Stylus Y Pc are useful parameters for assessing the peak density (e.g. peaks/mm) along a given direction. Applications involved in coating a surface, or when fluid leakage/retention are of issue may make use of the Pc parameters to optimize the surface texture design. Sometimes the combination of parameters such as Rz with Pc will yield additional information about the spacing and depth of dominant surface features that may affect
the function of a component.