3D Surface Roughness and Wear Measurement, Analysis and Inspection

Peak Extreme Height

Sxp (p,q)

The Peak Extreme Height, Sxp (p,q), is a measure of the difference in heights on the surface from the areal material ratio value of “p” and the areal material ratio of “q”. The default value for “p” is 97.5% and the default value for “q” is 50%.

Assuming a surface was worn or modified such that the resulting material area was 50%, Sxp (97.5%, 50%) indicates the depth of the remaining material to the lowest regions of the texture. Thus Sxp (97.5%,50%) may be used to determine the depth of material available after 50% or the surface has either been removed or deformed to a plateau-like structure. By changing the values of “p” and “q”, Sxp (p,q) may be used to control other aspects of the texture.

As another example, Sxp (90%, 10%) may be used to control the overall “peak-to valley” height of the surface by not accounting for the top 10% of the surface which may likely be easily deformed/worn and the bottom 10% which may be easily filled in during initial surface interactions.