3D Surface Roughness and Wear Measurement, Analysis and Inspection

Sample Reports for Measurement Services

Michigan Metrology provides highly reliable, 3D roughness/texture measurement services for ongoing production measurement or for one-time projects. Whether you are investigating a production challenge, validating a process, or measuring parts as part for ongoing production quality, we tailor our services and our reporting to match your needs:

Investigating a production challenge (3DMA)

A typical investigation begins with measuring multiple locations on multiple parts. Measuring the “worst of the worst” vs the “best of the best” often reveals key information about the problem, and may point to measurement parameters that can differentiate “bad” from “good” in a production environment. We present the measured data and relevant parameters in a comprehensive report, along with recommendations where applicable. 

Verifying and validating a process (3DMI)

These measurements focus on just a few locations per part to provide ample data while also controlling costs. The 3D surface texture data gives you traceable parameter values as well as valuable visual feedback regarding the surfaces of your components.. Companies with limited in-house metrology capability may also benefit from these services as an inexpensive method for verifying production processes and quality. 

Volume Inspection: batch measurement for process control (3DHVI)

For ongoing or one-time volume inspection projects we can work with your established measurement protocols to measure tens or hundreds of parts per batch. Batch processing lets us produce a succinct “Certificate of Compliance” for a given batch of parts. Tabular results are provided, with additional support graphics for any out-of-spec components. 

Download Sample Reports

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