3D Surface Roughness and Wear Measurement, Analysis and Inspection

Training and Classes

Are you interested in learning about surface texture, wear, friction, sealing, surface energy, paint appearance, and more? Dr. Don Cohen, one of the country’s foremost experts in surface roughness, is now offering Surface Texture and Tribology short courses, both live in-person and as online learning modules. These courses cover a broad range of topics on … Read more

Contract Measurement Lab

Michigan Metrology has provided contract measurement of 3D surface roughness and wear since 1994, for hundreds of companies, in industries from aerospace and automotive to medical devices, materials, and machining. Sourcing your measurements to Michigan Metrology saves you the expense of setting up and operating an in-house measurement lab. We are a reliable, integral part … Read more

Measurement Consulting Services

Michigan Metrology’s measurement consulting services provide expert advice to help you understand, and address, the causes of wear, vibration, squeaks, leaks, and more. Many times, a critical process change or warranty issue may be related to a component’s surface texture. For example, clutch and brake surfaces may have similar surface texture average roughness (Sa) but … Read more

Surface Roughness Measurement

Michigan Metrology offers surface roughness measurement services, from one component to thousands. Our surface texture measurements are aided by the NPFlex 3D Optical Profiler, provided by Bruker Corporation. The NPFlex is a microscope in which each objective lens contains a specially designed interferometer. The microscope portion of the instrument provides the “image” of the surface … Read more

Surface Texture Analysis

Surface Roughness Measurement - Michigan Metrology - Don Cohen

A typical surface texture analysis project involves measuring surface texture and/or wear characteristics on several, or many, components. Multiple 3D surface texture measurements are completed per surface. The 3D data is reduced to a set of surface texture measurement parameters derived from the many analytical techniques available such as Bearing Area and Stylus analysis, providing … Read more