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High Volume Inspection

Many times during product/process development a large number of components (100’s-1000’s) must be measured for surface finish/wear characteristics. With the relevant texture parameters, desired color displays and tooling established, multiple samples may be measured rapidly.  For some projects, automation may be used to further improve the throughput.

Michigan Metrology High Volume Inspection Services Surface Texture Surface Roughness

Michigan Metrology's capabilities include 3D surface texture analysis of large sample sizes

Dr. Donald Cohen uses the NPFlex 3D Optical Profiler from Bruker Corporation to measure surface roughness and measure surface texture.

The NPFlex used by Michigan Metrology includes automation features to allow high throughput surface roughness measurement

Typically a number of 3D surface roughness measurements per surface are provided. The 3D data is further reduced to a set of parameters derived from the many analytical techniques available (e.g. Bearing Area Analysis, Peaks, Summits, Stylus Profilometer parameters such as Sa, Ssk, Sku, Rsm, etc. ). The results are compiled in a binder, including database printouts and multiple customized color printouts of representative 3D images and analyses. The database results and color graphics are also provided in Excel and PowerPoint files respectively, on DVD.

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