3D Surface Roughness and Wear Measurement, Analysis and Inspection
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New Full-Day Surface Metrology and Tribology Class, 11/14/24

July 15, 2024

Registration is open for the new one-day Surface Metrology and Tribology class, which will be held in Livonia, Michigan, Nov. 14, 2024. The full-day metrology class – tribology class offers

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Controlling Knit Lines in Plastic Molding

July 15, 2024

In the molding process, knit lines form where the material does not weld together seamlessly as it moves through the tooling. The cause may be related to the mold surface,

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High-Res, Large FOV…and High Speed, too?

June 17, 2024

3D optical profilers provide high-resolution measurement of surface roughness and shape. Earlier optical profilers were limited by the size of their measurement areas (Field-of-view, or FOV), typically less than 1mm

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3d optical profiler modes, optical profiler modes, phase shifting interferometry, vertical scanning interferometry, psi, vsi, vxi, usi

3D Optical Profiler Modes

June 5, 2024

Download this article as a PDF In the early days of 3D optical profiling, we needed to know an alphabet soup of measurement modes in order to operate the systems.

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Remembering Roger Simpson

May 16, 2024

Michigan Metrology opened its doors in the Detroit area in 1994. I’d spent the previous several years working with the team at WYKO, developing the ”white light interferometry” technology that enables

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What surface finish do you need for lighting applications?

April 29, 2024

Lighting and automotive lighting applications require more complex lens shapes and textures. To support these high-performance designs, manufacturers are pushing the boundaries of plastics, and the molds required to make

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Getting the most from your 3D optical profiler

April 23, 2024

Give us a shout! We’re happy to help—often free of charge. 3D optical profilers can make amazing, high resolution measurements, very fast. But the measurement settings and software options can

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Bringing 3D optical measurement to Detroit

March 19, 2024

Remembering the early days, Part 2 Michigan Metrology, LLC is approaching our 30th anniversary, and we’re taking a look back on some of the highlights of our history. In this

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Are you relying on average roughness (Ra) to control your surfaces? We made this short animation using data from Digital Metrology Solutions, Inc. to show that very different surfaces can all have the same Ra value...and that Ra alone can't tell you which one you've manufactured!

Average Roughness

February 29, 2024

If you rely on average roughness (Ra) to control your surfaces, check out this short animation. It shows that very different surfaces can all have the same Ra value…and Ra

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contract measurement lab as part of a production supply chain

A measurement lab can be a development partner

February 20, 2024

Startups, incubators, “skunk works…” when a company is in startup mode, everything is happening at once. Manufacturing processes are being designed while funding is being secured and sales are being

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