3D Surface Roughness and Wear Measurement, Analysis and Inspection

Friction and Wear of Materials

For those of you who have taken my class, you know that this is an important resource for me. Ernest Rabinowicz really pioneered our understanding of friction and wear, both from a surface texture point of view, but also from a materials point of view. This book pulls it all together. Rabinowicz’s empirical work led to our modern theories of mechanical surface interactions as they apply to friction and wear.

Friction and Wear of Materials, Ernest Rabinowicz, surface roughness and friction - Michigan Metrology

Rabinowicz spent much of his career evaluating material properties. By thoroughly examining lubricants, the sizes and shapes of wear particles, and other aspects of friction, he provided insight into how to design effective interfaces, both from a material standpoint and from a surface texture standpoint.

Friction and Wear of Materials is a great, seminal resource that is still very pertinent and applicable today, especially if you are a mechanical or design engineer, surface scientist, or tribologist. The book is available through many retailers, including Wiley and Amazon.

Learn more about the work of Ernest Rabinowicz in the Wear, Dry Friction and Lubricated Friction modules of our Surface Texture and Tribology short course. All course modules are available on udemy.com.