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Surface Texture Analysis

A typical surface texture analysis project involves measuring surface texture and/or wear characteristics on several, or many, components. Multiple 3D surface texture measurements are completed per surface.

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Dr. Donald Cohen uses the Bruker NPFlex 3D Optical Profiler to analyze surface roughness measurement data.
Dr. Donald Cohen measures surface texture using the Bruker NPFlex 3D Optical Profiler.

The 3D data is reduced to a set of surface texture measurement parameters derived from the many analytical techniques available such as Bearing Area and Stylus analysis, providing parameters such as Sa, Spk, Ssk, Sku, Δq, etc.

The surface texture analysis results are compiled in a report, including database and multiple customized color printouts of the 3D images and analyses.The database results and color graphics are also provided on a CD.  The report includes a summary of the measurements as they relate to the application being considered.

Michigan Metrology Surface Roughness Surface Texture Analysis

Projects include a summary, multiple color graphics, spreadsheets, and a reference section. The database results, graphics, and summary are included on a CD.


Sample Project Reports

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