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Surface Texture Parameters List by Symbol

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Symbol Parameter Name Category
ACF Autocorrelation Function Spatial
APSDF Angular Power Spectral Density Function Spatial
mr Material Ratio Functional
NormVolume Normalized Surface Volume Legacy
Rpm Average Maximum Peak Height Legacy
Rvm Average Maximum Valley Depth Legacy
Rz Average Maximum Height of the Surface Legacy
Sa Average Roughness Height
SAI Surface Area Index Legacy
Sal Autocorrelation Length Spatial
Sdc(mr) Inverse Areal Material Ratio Functional
Sdq Root Mean Square (RMS) Surface Slope Hybrid
Sdr Developed Interfacial Area Ratio Hybrid
Sds Summit Density Hybrid
Sk Core Roughness Depth Functional
Sku Kurtosis Height
Slope Rq (X,Y) Root Mean Squared Slope in X,Y Legacy
SMr1 Peak Material Portion Functional
SMr2 Peak Valley Portion Functional
Smr(c)  Areal Material Ratio Functional
Sp Maximum Peak Height Height
Spk Reduced Peak Height Functional
Spk/Sk Reduced Peak Height to Core Ratio Functional
Spk/Svk Reduced Peak Height to Reduced Valley Depth Ratio Functional
Sq Root Mean Square Roughness  Height
Ssc Mean Summit Curvature Hybrid
Ssk Skewness Height
Std Texture Direction Spatial
Str Texture Aspect Ratio Spatial
Stylus (X,Y) Δq Root Mean Square Slope Along X,Y 2D Stylus
Stylus X Δq/Stylus Y Δq Stylus Δq Ratio 2D Stylus
Stylus (X,Y) λq Root Mean Square (rms) Profile Wavelength Along (X, Y) 2D Stylus
Stylus X λq/Stylus Yλq Stylus Yλq Ratio 2D Stylus
Stylus (X,Y) Pc Peak Density Along X,Y 2D Stylus
Stylus X Pc/ Stylus Y Pc Stylus Pc Ratio 2D Stylus
Stylus (X,Y) Rpk Reduced Peak Height Along X,Y 2D Stylus
Stylus (X,Y) Ra Average Roughness Along X, Y 2D Stylus
Stylus X Ra/Stylus Y Ra  Stylus Ra Ratio 2D Stylus
Stylus (X,Y) Rk Core Roughness Along X, Y 2D Stylus
Stylus (X,Y) Rsm Mean Profile Spacing Along X,Y 2D Stylus
Stylus (X,Y) Rt Maximum Profile Height Along X, Y 2D Stylus
Stylus (X,Y) Rvk Reduced Valley Depth Along X, Y 2D Stylus
Stylus (X,Y) Rz Average Maximum Profile Height Along X, Y 2D Stylus
Stylus X Rz/Stylus Y Rz Stylus Rz Ratio 2D Stylus
Sv Maximum Valley Depth Height
Svk Reduced Valley Depth Functional
Svk/Sk Reduced Valley Depth to Core Ratio Functional
Sxp (p,q) Peak Extreme Height Functional
Sz Maximum Height of Surface Height
Vmc(p,q) Core Material Volume Functional
Vm(mr) Material Volume Functional
Vmp(p) Peak Material Volume Functional
Vvc(p,q)  Core Void Volume Functional
Vv(mr) Void Volume Functional
Vvv(p) Dale Void Volume Functional


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